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In het tweede kwartaal ontving de Fleur Groenendijk Foundation zes aanvragen.

Architect Accelerate is de laatste aanvraag die we voor dit kwartaal publiceren. Last but certainly not least!

Architect Accelerate
“We provide career & development sessions
for driven architects who want to build a
meaningful and rewarding career to achieve
fulfilment and financial growth.”

Architect Accelerate is a platform founded in late 2018 to help young professionals in the field of architecture to advance in their careers and get the tools to start and scale their own successful architecture practices.

This is facilitated through online and offline seminars, workshops, masterclasses and challenges that are about the business & marketing aspect of the design profession. We believe in adding value to the professional journeys of ambitious designers by teaching what you did not learn at architecture school but need to known in order to run your own business successfully. We believe in empowering designers of all backgrounds, especially international designers living
in the Netherlands, by giving them a  platform where they can expand their knowledge and network.

Watch this video!

Hanane Metalsi Nieuws