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Rotterdam Architecture Month

FRIDAY, JUNE 14th 2019

They’re back! TALKS about architecture a lecture-series that offers a podium to emerging international architecture practices. TALKS approaches architecture primarily as an artistic discipline which derives it’s social relevance from it’s poetical and spatial qualities. TALKS is an initiative of Rotterdam-based architecture office De Kort Van Schaik and is organized in collaboration with AIR.


We are proud to announce that Mary Duggan will kick-off this series of TALKS about architecture. Her lecture on Friday June 14th will be the first of four in the 2019 TALKS about architecture program. Mary Duggan Architects is an architecture and design studio established in March 2017. Duggan is committed to the delivery of well-conceived and thoughtfully-detailed architecture. The ethos of her practice is driven by the ambition to understand the spirit of the places in which they build. Interested in the creative potential of cross-disciplinary interaction, the practice supports a residency program for emerging and established artists and makers. To date this residency includes a ceramicist, an illustrator and a sculptor, all of whom contribute to the development of live projects in the office. Check the portfolio on www.marydugganarchitects.com. To buy tickets for this event, click here During this kick-off event the remaining program for TALKS, fall 2019 will be announced. Friday, June 14th 2019   20:00 – 21:30 Garage Rotterdam – Goudsewagenstraat 27
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