Graduate Ruben Sannen first winner graduation prize ‘De Meester’
Wednesday evening 18 November 2015 the first winner was chosen at Het Nieuwe Instituut for the new Rotterdam promotion prize ‘De Meester’. With his graduation project Tanah Antara Ruben Sannen has won a cash prize of 5,000 euros.

The promotional prize ‘De Meester’ was created by the Fleur Groenendijk Foundation in collaboration with the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture. The prize aims to support an excellent graduate of the Academy each year with a sum of 5,000 euros and to give his / her work a public podium.

Based on the idea that architecture and urban design are disciplines that, in addition to their academic relevance, are primarily societies, the prize is awarded during an evening-filling and publicly accessible program. On De Meester’s evening, the four nominated graduates will present their plans live to the public and the jury. The jury then responds directly to the presentations and calls the winner the same evening.

Live assessment
During the first edition of De Avond, the following nominees presented their plans: Stephan Boon (Tide Perspective), Femke Feenstra (House for all sentences), Katarzyna Nowak (Art in Context) and Ruben Sannen (Tanah Antara).

In addition to practicing architects and urban planners, the jury also consisted of representatives of science and the media: Han van den Born (KCAP), Dikkie Scipio (KAAN architects), Mirjana Milanovic (dRO Amsterdam), Paul van der Laar (Rotterdam Museum and Erasmus University) Rotterdam) and Michiel van Raaij (Architectenweb).

For all nominated graduates, the jury recognized a strong drop against the status quo. Through a sharp analysis and in-depth research, all four nominees, according to the jury, came up with powerful designs, each of which can be called very innovative. Of the graduates, there could ultimately only be one winner and that is Ruben Sannen with his project Tanah Antara for Jakarta.

Tanah Antara
In order to provide an answer to the growing water problems in Jakarta, Ruben Sannen has developed the traditional kampong in its graduation design into a sustainable urban district in which the water issue is being resolved decentrally.

The jury: “Tanah Antara is a consistent and visionary project in which local culture is thought of at all scales.” With his convincing, well-founded presentation, Ruben Sannen goes into reality, placing himself in society rather than up there. ”

In the evening Ruben Sannen was present via Skype from his new home in Boston. His parents accepted the prize on his behalf from Chris van Langen, director of the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and moderator of the evening.

Photos of the evening can be seen here.