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48 Hour Film Project by Groener Gras Producties

During the 48 Hour Film Project teams of film crews create a short feature film – within 48 nerve-racking hours – that is shown at Lantaren Venster theatre later in the week. The festival is organized annually in more than one hundred cities around the world.For participating cinematographers, the 48-Hour Film Project is above all an exciting and sleepless weekend. At the start of the 48 hours they are given four requisite ingredients for their film: a genre, a character, an object and a sentence. Then it’s up to them to think up a script, film the scenes and complete the editing in two full days. The films are judged by a professional jury.

The 48-Hour Film Project Rotterdam provides a platform for movie-makers in Rotterdam to produce a short film in 48 hours. Individual professionals from various film disciplines (light, sound and camera technicians, directors, actors, make-up artists, etc.) meet each other to produce a film under pressure. This lets them work on their skills, networking and portfolio. Furthermore, their film gets seen by a broad audience and successful films are given a public vote of approval.

Summerscool van Stichting Roots&Routes

Stichting Roots&Routes (R&R Foundation) actively stimulates the education, formation and advanced training of talented young people in the fields of music, dance and new media – moving them from having talent and motivation to participating in a creative education or a professional creative arena.R&R designs and organizes talent development trajectories and learning routes. This often centres around metropolitan young people with dual cultural identities. They choose their own music and dance styles on the street, in community centres and in their own social groups. These young people have the potential and ambition to achieve things in the creative industry, but often lack exposure within established cultural circles and are insufficiently served by present educational structures and the convention of informal connections.

SummersCool was developed by R&R and is the proven formula that launched the foundation.   SummersCool is a Rotterdam-based project that provides young, motivated people the opportunity to take a huge leap forward within a short timeframe, to grow and have a peak experience and to find out if a creative profession is something they would want to do with their lives.Over the span of two weeks, young talents get to work with music, dance and media for the 70-year commemoration activities of Rotterdam’s post-war reconstruction, so that connections are made within the city during this theme year – which, naturally, includes architecture. This will all take place under the direction of coaches (role models) and masters, followed by a big show on a professional stage.