The Fleur Groenendijk Foundation (FGF) was founded in 1997. Since 2014 the FGF aims to motivate  upcoming young professionals in their formation and educational development in the field of architecture. Architecture is seen in the broadest context, including its connection to the arts, culture and science. For example, in 2014 a grant involving fashion was awarded on the basis of its link with architecture.

Since 2015 the Fleur Groenendijk Fund and the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam (RAvB) have introduced a new annual encouragement award called De Meester of 5000 euro, awarded to the best graduate of that year. The award-ceremony will be festively celebrated and the impressive jury will be assambled under the leading arm of Dikkie Scipio (FGF-boardmember, architect and founding partner KAANArchitecten).

Rem Koolhaas made a preliminary design for a house for Fleur Groenendijk. The plan has been used for the design of Casa da Musica in Porto, Portugal. CREDITS: OMA