The Fleur Groenendijk Foundation, in collaboration with the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, organizes an annual promotional prize with the name De Meester. This year the presentation will take place on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25 in Rotterdam. The program and the invitation for this evening will follow soon.

The prize, for which only graduates of the academy qualify, serves to support and promote the promotion of the work and the young architect or urban planner. Based on the idea that architecture and urban design are disciplines that, besides their academic relevance, are mainly the society, we opted for a completely new set-up for awarding the prize.

Three nominated candidates, who will shortly be announced, will be asked to present their plans live during an evening-filling and publicly accessible program, live to the public and the jury. The jury members will respond to the presentations on the spot and the choice for the winner of De Meester 2016 will also be announced on the same evening. The jury is now well known and consists of the following persons:

Architecture: Frits van Dongen, Chief Government Architect, Van Dongen-Koschuch Architects and Planners
Architecture: Dikkie Scipio, Kaan Architects, chairman of the jury
Urban design: Arjen Knoester, urban development of the city of Rotterdam, Morfis architecture and urbanism.
Science and culture: Hans Lensvelt, design entrepreneur, Lensvelt Contract Furniture.
Media: Merel Pit, Architectural Stories, writer of articles about architecture.

Robert von der Nahmer, training coordinator professional practice and coordinator of the preparatory year of the RAvB, will act as secretary.

The Academy,, was founded from the idea that in the training for architect and urban planner no boundary can be drawn between the role of the designing and constructive ‘doer’ and the contemplative and critical ‘thinker’. The academy still follows this vision and trains the students to a craft that is socially anchored. The RAvB is an academy that trains students who already work in the field part-time to become architects or urban designers.

The Fleur Groenendijk Foundation,, focuses on supporting projects relating to Architecture. Projects can for example concern a publication, a presentation, making a model, 3d printing, modeling, an exhibition, a film, a photo report or an investigation. Where the initiator of an idea does not have enough resources to realize the project, a one-off contribution of 2,500.00 can be applied for from the FGF.

Dikkie Scipio
November 28, 2016