Criteria for receiving grants as of 2022:

  1. The project involves architecture, visual art or art in public space.
  2. The project makes an impact in the education and development of young people.
  3. The project is characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit.
  4. The project is small scale, meaning that the FGF grant of max. €2,500* makes a significant contribution to the realization of the project. In other words, without the FGF grant, it would not happen.
  5. The project must serve the common good.
  6. The FGF appreciates work undertaken by volunteers, so the project cannot involve the payment of professionals.
  7. A clearly defined budget.
  8. A willingness – if your project is selected – to contribute to publication on the website and to provide material for this purpose. You also mention our name on all publications you make about your project and inform us about it.

* The  payout of the amount awarded shall be divided into two parts: the first 80% will be donated immediately, the last 20% will be donated as soon as the FGF reveives an update that can be posted on our website.

In addition to financial support, the FGF also offers an opportunity to obtain advisory/network support. If you need this support, you can indicate this in your application.

Within a year we expect a final publication of the project. If the project is not yet ready within a year, it is also permitted to providea preliminary final publication to us. This information will be shared on the website and Facebook.

The justification of the text remains at its author.

The number of applications has increased recently, though the amount of funding remains the same. Those projects that most closely comply with the criteria, have the greatest chance of receiving the grant. An application should be sent digitally, be short and compelling and be no more than three pages (including any supplementary information).The applications are reviewed quarterly. At the end of every quarter in the calendar year the FGF board will assess applications within two to three weeks. Please note therefore, that applications received in the early part of the quarter will need to be about projects that can only be realized after at least 3½ months. Only one project will be funded per quarter year.

We exercise the utmost care in selecting projects and realize that we will also have to disappoint people, certainly when the quality of projects are so comparatively close.

At the end of each quarter applicants will be informed of the winning project. The decisions are final and will not be subject to discussion.

When submitting an application, you automatically agree with the possibility that the application will be posted on our website, LinkedIn and Facebook, regardless of the outcome of the judgement.

1st quarter 2022: 31 march
2nd quarter 2022: 30 june
3rd quarter 2022: 30 september
4th quarter 2022: 31 december